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Color Theory: Green

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Color Influences Emotion

When it comes to interior design a strong color scheme can make or break a room. Choosing the wrong hue can evoke the wrong emotion, turning your client’s dream into a nightmare. The use of color is a powerful tool in any designer’s arsenal. Each color has its own meaning. The way you combine different hues, the specific shades you choose, and their placement around a room all contribute to its emotional influence on the viewer. When you want a space that combines the calming effect of blue and the energetic vibe of yellow, look no further than nature’s most popular hue: Green!

Green: It’s Wickedly Good

Remember: a distinguished color scheme enables you to coordinate the various elements of your design from paint chips to furniture to accessories and decor. Green has the advantage of complimenting almost any color, from basic neutrals to bold reds (although this may give your client’s space an unwanted “Christmas-y feel”) to even bright oranges or yellows. But what makes green a go-to color for everything from rugs to couches to cabinets?

Green is good. Green is lucky. It’s the color of growth, of new beginnings and renewal, of balance and harmony. Green is often associated with spring, the season of rebirth, and is typically seen as a reflection of nature. Green is also associated with money and finance and if used incorrectly, can reflect negative emotions like envy or jealousy. However, as a blend of blue and yellow, bright shades of green can translate as warm and positive, especially when paired with happy shades of yellow or orange.

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Blank walls are uninspiring and leave a room feeling unfinished. Transform your client’s interiors into a soothing, relaxing escape from the stress of day-to-day activity with stunning artwork from WallsBeautiful.

Celebrate Nature

Green is the most common color found in nature. Use large, vibrant prints from our Blossoms & Foliage Collection for understated yet powerful wall art.

WallsBeautiful Green Wall Art Sedum


Get Artsy

Bring in abstract patterns and textures to add dimension to your design.

WallsBeautiful Green Wall Art Rake

The Rake

Make It An Accent

Afraid to go bold with your use of green? Use it as an accent compliment existing decor.

WallsBeautiful Green Wall Art Natures Lace

“Nature’s Lace”

WallsBeautiful Green Wall Art Taking Over

“Taking Over”

WallsBeautiful Green Wall Art Quiet Afternoon

“Quiet Afternoon”

Artwork For Every Interior

At WallsBeautiful we make it easy to find high-quality artwork for any interior or design style. Interested in learning more? Contact our in-house Art Advisor for individualized help on selection and planning by emailing