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Color Theory: Orange

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Fall Into Autumn Decor

Fall is around the corner and as the season of change, it makes sense that you should reach out to past clients to change their decor and replace their existing artwork and accessories with new, fresh pieces to reflect autumn!

Autumn decor trends focus on warm color schemes that embrace a blend of red, orange, yellow, and brown to create a woodsy, outdoor look and feel that brings the beauty of nature into your client’s interior. But as you know, the colors you choose have a major impact on your client’s interpretation of their space. You have to think ahead and choose wisely.

Color Always Matters In Interior Design

Unless you’re going for a bohemian design theme that features an explosion of color, your color scheme will most likely consist of two or three complimentary hues, plus an additional color for contrast. A distinguished color scheme helps to coordinate artwork, paint, furniture, and other accessories for a cohesive, attractive aesthetic.

There are plenty of ways to use color and during the autumnal season, one of the most powerful hues you can embrace is orange!

Encourage Your Clients And Radiate Happiness

If you follow our Facebook Page, you may have seen us mention that orange is one of the most unique words in a sense because it has no perfect rhyme. That uniqueness makes it the perfect color to represent encouragement and motivation. Like yellow, this hue radiates happiness and joy to lift your client’s spirits. In fact, Frank Sinatra said “orange is the happiest color.” A symbol of energy, vitality, and warmth, this trendy tone is especially popular with a younger audience, and can be used to portray a “fun” and “flamboyant” environment.

The only problem with orange is that it can inspire a strong “love it” or “hate it” response. Rather than go big with solid orange walls (unless your client is into that), use orange in moderation.

Work Up An Appetite

Similar to red and yellow, orange also stimulates appetite. A symbol of healthy food, this highly visible color is an eye-catcher. Use orange in a kitchen, dining room, or restaurant to draw attention and work up your client’s appetites!

Liven Up Your Client’s Space With Wall Art

Empty walls make a room feel unfinished. Brighten up your client’s interior with gorgeous wall art featuring this vivacious hue!

Go Bright and Bold

WallsBeautiful Pumpkin Patch Artwork, autumn decor, orange decor, orange, orange color scheme

Pumpkin Patch

Food & Drink Collection

WallsBeautiful Buoys Artwork, autumn decor, orange decor, orange, orange color scheme


Colorful Collection

WallsBeautiful Colorful Contrast Artwork, autumn decor, orange decor, orange, orange color scheme

Colorful Contrast

Food & Drink Collection

Or Try A Softer Shade

WallsBeautiful Watercolors Artwork, autumn decor, orange decor, orange, orange color scheme


Patterns & Textures Collection

WallsBeautiful Shoutout To Autumn Artwork, autumn decor, orange decor, orange, orange color scheme

A Shout Out to Autumn

Land & Sea Scapes Collection

WallsBeautiful Pear Trio Artwork

Pear Trio

Food & Drink Collection

Artwork For Every Interior

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