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Color Theory: Red

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Heat Up Your Client’s Interior

Red is a hot color, invoking an image of power, passion, and energy. That’s why it should be no coincidence that over 75% of nations around the globe use red in their countries flags. Often symbolizing importance, like walking the red carpet at an awards show or the classic red power tie, this color conveys a sense of urgency and priority. It is visually attention grabbing and has been used in everything from warning labels to stop signs.

Red As An Accent

Last year we showed how red can be used effectively as a powerful accent to create contrast with cooler color schemes that are heavy with blues and grays, especially during the winter months. Using bold shades of red in accent pieces can help brighten up dark interiors. However, when used in contrast to black, red stands out as the focal point more often than not, and can easily become overwhelming.

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Stars

Red Stars
Colorful Collection

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Winter

Red Berries In Winter
Blossoms & Foliage Collection

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Milkhouse

Milkhouse in Winter
Winter Collection

Where To Use Red

When used heavily, red can evoke feelings of power and energy, making it perfectly suited for gyms, arenas, and sporting events. Red has also been known to boost your metabolism and increase your appetite. That is why red can often be used more heavily in restaurants, dining rooms, and kitchen designs. If using red heavily, be sure to use green as an offset color. As its opposite, green can help dial back out of control feelings.

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Peppers

Red Peppers
Food & Drink Collection

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Car

Vintage & Industrial Collection

WallsBeautiful Red Accent Apples

Crisp and Crunchy
Food & Drink Collection

Where Not To Use Red

There are places you may want to avoid using red heavily in your design schemes. Red should be used sparingly in nurseries and any space pertaining to children. Such highly stimulating colors could cause uneasiness or agitation.

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