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What file types can I upload?
WallsBeautiful accepts JPG or TIFF files through the file uploader.

What is the best filesize to upload for best quality printing?
We recommend a filesize of at least 2MB (megabyte) to produce the best quality prints from your images. Smaller sizes can work, depending on the final print requested. Each file is evaluated to make sure you’ll be happy with your final product – and if we have any concerns we will always contact you before we proceed.

Can I upload directly from my smartphone or tablet?
The WallsBeautiful website is fully compatible with all devices. You can browse to it on any browser on any device, upload images directly from that device and easily place orders to completion.

Can I upload images from my Instagram account?
If you create an account at WallsBeautiful, you can link your Instragram account directly to it. Allowing you to import multiple images from your Instagram account directly into WallsBeautiful. ¬†Quickly and easily, you’ll be ordering from your Instagram uploads.

Click here for Video Tutorial: Upload Your Art


What sizes can I order from my uploaded images?
On our Products page there is a full grid of all sizes available from uploaded images along with pricing info.

Where can I find out more about the papers (medium) you print on?
On the ordering screen, if you hover your mouse over a Medium icon a small question mark will appear. Hover this question mark to see a description of that Medium. Also, you can browse our Products page – please note, not all Medium is available on all products.

Do you offer framing?
We do offer framing on Lustre Photo prints, Watercolor Fine Art prints and Velvet Fine Art prints. If you choose one of those media types, a Framing option will appear on the Styles tab. Select the Frame tab to see the frames offered. You can preview each frame on your print be selecting them.

Can I preview my print for an example of how it will look on my wall?
On the ordering page, after you’ve picked a size and your finishing options, you can click the Wall Preview button to see your print on a variety of different room setting images. You can even use the color patches to change the color of the walls to match your wall color as closely as possible.

Click here for Video Tutorial: Preview Your Chosen Art

Can I create a list of my favorite images and show them to others?
You sure can! Once you create an account on WallsBeautiful you can create Favorites lists by clicking on Favorites at the top of the website. You can then click any Favorite button on the site (buttons with heart icon) to add them to your favorites and organize them into lists. You can even share those lists with your friends or relatives and they don’t even need to create an account to view them!

Where do I use Promocodes?
On the order checkout screen, there is a box to type in your Promocode and apply it to your order. The price of your cart will update after the code has been applied. Only one Promocode can be used per order.



Can I order a frame for any size print?
Yes, all of our frames are custom made – so you can order a frame for any size print we offer.

Will my frame come with glass?
Our frames do not come with glass. Glass in frames, even non-glare glass, can cause undesirable reflections that take away viewing the beauty of your image. People tend to want glass for the protective qualities, therefore we have chosen a special UV coating to protect your prints without the reflections.



WallsBeautiful uses top end, archival quality materials for long lasting life of the colors of your piece. You can extend the life of your photo pieces by:

  • Avoiding placement in intense, direct sunlight
  • Avoid storage in excessively hot or humid surroundings (such as attics or basements)

Can I clean or dust my pieces?
Sure! Simply use a clean, dry, untreated cloth to lightly dust your print or canvas. The protective coating will make it easy to “dust off” any accumulated distractions.