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Featured Gallery: Winter

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Winter Is Here

For most of the country it’s almost time to deck the halls but for those in the north, it’s also time to decorate for winter! Snow has already begun to collect and rather than hate on the gray skies and plunging temperatures, embrace the cold and bring the great outdoors into your client’s decor.

Switching up your client’s artwork to reflect the seasons is not only a great way to drum up future business, it’s a great excuse to update your client’s spaces to give them a fresh look and feel as we transition from fall to winter. And what better way to do it than with high-quality images from our Winter Collection.

Create A Winter Wonderland With Nature Shots

For any interior design concept, start with a strong statement piece and then build the rest of your design around it. Our Winter Collection features a multitude of sharp, clean landscapes to give your clients the impression they’re living inside a cozy, countryside retreat.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

For designers looking to create a mosaic collection, consider these snow-blown images featuring a bright, cheerful red to add a splash of bold color to your client’s space. Red is a vibrant, energetic hue that can be used in a kitchen to stimulate appetite or in a living space or bedroom to inspire warmth and love.

Reach For The Sky

When in doubt, think “vertical”. Vertical artwork will add height to any room, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling! With a mixture of scenic and seasonal shots to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an image you can print larger-than-life.

General Design Ideas

To really bring the magic of winter into your client’s space, remember that the artwork you select should coincide with the rest of your chosen decor. Opt for designs that favor warmth to create an inviting space for your client’s family to gather during the long months ahead.

  • If your client has a fireplace, embrace it as a central focal point and rearrange your client’s furniture to face the hearth.
  • Swap thin, lightweight fabrics in favor of heavier wool blankets, velvet, and faux fur to create a toasty environment where your clients can sit and relax.
  • In rooms with hardwood floors add plush rugs to provide warmth and cushion underfoot.
  • Incorporate scented candles with wintry scents like pine, cinnamon, and evergreen.
  • While you may gravitate towards blues, whites, and silvers, remember to add pops of color to brighten up spaces and defeat the seasonal blues.

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