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Interior Design: Decorating Long Narrow Rooms

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Is Bigger Really Better?

In a perfect world every design project would consist of an unlimited budget, large spacious rooms, and the creative license to decorate those rooms however you see fit. Sadly, this is rarely the case but when your imagination is limitless and you have a comprehensive understanding of your client’s wants, needs, and goals, you don’t need a big space to create a big impact. Long narrow rooms, while reminiscent of hallways, still have the potential to be stylish and functional. It just requires a little extra planning.

General Design Tips For Long Narrow Rooms

Not every space you design will be large. For long narrow rooms:

  • Pair very light colors with very dark colors to create contrast.
  • Embrace as much natural light as possible by adding decor with reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room.
  • Focus on multi-functional furniture and hidden storage to maximize the functionality of each piece.
  • Leave strategic walking paths.
    • In a bedroom, create a U-shape walking path around the bed.
    • In a living room, pull furniture away from the wall and artfully arrange your seating in the center of the room, leaving a walking path along each wall. Or push your furniture against one wall, leaving a straight walking path along the opposite one.
  • Divide the room into two or more sections, similar to open-concept builds, and use area rugs to clearly define these sections.
  • Avoid heavy textures.
  • Skip excessive decor in favor of one or two large statement pieces. (The less knick knacks you use, the less cluttered the room will feel.)
  • Use round furniture, lamps, and area rugs to break up sight-lines and draw the eye down to the floor or up to the ceiling.
  • Maximize vertical space.

Your New Favorite Interior Design Trick

In narrow rooms your biggest challenge will be addressing those long horizontal lines which make already low ceilings feel even lower. Again: long rooms are reminiscent of hallways. You don’t want your client watching television at night or inviting relatives over for dinner and have them feel as if they were crammed inside a plane. The trick: introducing vertical lines.

A tall bookcase or armoire, striped wallpaper, vertical artwork, these pieces interrupt horizontal lines and create the illusion of a higher ceiling. This helps to make even the smallest of rooms feel grand.

Vertical Artwork For Any Home

Bold statement pieces like vertical photographs printed larger than life can elevate a room’s appearance and take your design to the next level. From flowers to landscapes to still life, here are some of our favorite vertical photographs to compliment any interior:

WallsBeautiful Vertical Artwork Cattail Symphony

Cattail Symphony
At The Lake Collection

WallsBeautiful Vertical Artwork Artful Landing

Artful Landing
Still Life Collection

WallsBeautiful Vertical Artwork Reeds

Blossoms & Foliage Collection

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