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Interior Design: Restaurant Edition

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Artwork To Wet Your Appetite

restaurant /ˈrest(ə)rənt/ n. a place where people pay to sit and
eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.

Every restaurant owner understands the importance of atmosphere. Sure, your menu matters. But how diners feel about your food is partially influenced by what they see when they walk in the door, and the moments they experience during dine-in service. A slightly overdone steak can be forgiven and forgotten. A rude waiter or a dirty table will be remembered forever––and reviewed.

Give your diners a reason to say good things and leave raving reviews for your restaurant by crafting the perfect interior to accompany their meal!

Know Your Clientele

A pizzeria owner will want a dramatically different look and feel than the owner of a 5-star steak and seafood bistro. Before you begin any project, try the food––it is a restaurant after all––and get to know your client’s personal style taste and design goals. A simple conversation goes a long way in building lasting connections and convincing potential customers that you are the interior designer who can turn those dreams into a masterpiece.

Color Concoctions

Unlike a bedroom or an office, the need for a strong “focal point” in your restaurant is not as important as your use of space and most importantly, your color scheme. The same way a cook plays around with spices and flavors, play around with your colors. Think warm. Think inviting. Think of your color psychology! Choose decor with accent colors that match your client’s brand and subconsciously make any viewer hungrier by incorporating these warms hues into your artwork:

WallsBeautiful Red artwork appetite decorRed

You may have noticed chains like Red Robin, McDonald’s, and TGI Fridays’s all use the color red in both their logos and decor. That’s because red is an attention-grabbing color that produces a physical response: increased blood pressure and heart rate. While red is traditionally viewed as a color to instill passion and energy, or in certain cases danger, red is also stimulating, exciting, and energetic.

Go for bold reds like “Crisp and Crunchy” from our Food and Drink Collection or a more laidback shade like “Knox Farm Milkhouse” from our Buffalo Collection.

WallsBeautiful Orange artwork appetite decor


Orange is one of the most unique words in a sense because it has no perfect rhyme. Its uniqueness makes it the perfect color to represent encouragement and motivation. Radiate happiness and joy and appeal to a younger crowd with this “healthy” color.

This highly visible color leaves a lasting impression on viewers so try eye-catching artwork like “Pumpkin Patch” from our Food & Drink Collection to bring this tropical tone into your space or “Buoys” from our Colorful Collection for a piece your clients can hang year-round.

WallsBeautiful Yellow artwork appetite decorYellow

Yellow is the most attention-grabbing color because our eyes see yellow first. It is the color of happiness and is associated with energy and positivity. Combine shades of red and yellow to spark diner’s appetites and increase the speed at which they eat.

Look for pieces like “Speckles” from our Patterns & Textures Collection to bring a splash of the outdoors inside or “Finger Painting” from our Patterns & Texture Collection for a more abstract combination of calming colors like orange, yellow, and green.


Blue is a surefire way to suppress anyone’s appetite so avoid using this color wherever possible. The natural calming effect of blue reduces stress but it can also slow us down and make a room feel cold. (Past studies have shown that people who are warmer, eat more.) Some weight loss programs even suggest that dining off a blue plate will ward off the urge to snack, so steer clear of this laid-back hue and go for something bright and energetic.

Artwork For Any Industry

At WallsBeautiful we make it easy to find high-quality artwork to brighten up your client’s interior without comprising aesthetic or breaking the bank. Keep your decor fresh by routinely swapping out artwork for new pieces. Change your art with the seasons or at the start of the new year to reinvigorate your client’s space.

Interested in learning more? Contact our in-house Art Advisor for individualized help on selection and planning by emailing