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Spring Into The New Season With Fresh Decor

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Spring Fever

It is officially Spring, which means it’s time to exchange your client’s winter images for vibrant, colorful prints that embrace several key spring concepts: florals, pastels, and baby animals! Winter decor is characterized by muted, neutral whites, grays, and creams, which are often paired with cool shades of blue. While soothing, this color combination eventually leads to the “winter blues”. Conquer the winter blues and take advantage of a much broader color spectrum to brighten your client’s interiors.

Blossom Into Spring With Nature Shots

Swapping your client’s artwork to reflect the seasons is not only a great sales tactic for repeat business, but it’s also a great opportunity to revamp your client’s spaces to give them a fresh look and feel as we transition from winter to spring. And what better way to do it than with high-quality floral imagery from our beautiful Buffalo Collection or our colorful Blossoms & Foliage Collection!

Florals are perfect for interior design styles such as:

Industrial: This theme goes for a raw, unfinished aesthetic, and features high ceilings, exposed brick, wood, and ductwork, and primarily uses woods and metals in its decor. Adding one or two pieces of floral artwork can create a feminine contrast and add color to an otherwise neutral palette.

Traditional: This theme combines classic elements with heavy accessories to create a layered look with plenty of depth. Many traditional designs feature dark woods, two or three textures, and a rich color scheme. Floral artwork adds another layer and can serve as the “centerpiece” to tie together a broad color palette.

Rustic: This theme draws from nature and features plenty of wood and stone elements. Floral artwork and accent pieces add warmth and color, and bring the outdoors into your client’s interior.

Bohemian: This theme embraces vintage elements, and goes heavy on textures and colors. This eclectic style pairs perfectly with floral artwork to create a carefree, energetic space.


Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Collection


Spring Flowers
Blossoms & Foliage Collection


Blossoms & Foliage Collection

Soften Your Color Scheme

Pastels can be playful or they can be sophisticated, depending on the space and how you incorporate them. For designers looking to create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, look for pieces with gentler shades of pink, green, yellow, and purple.


Patterns & Textures Collection


Idle Swing
Land & Sea Scapes Collection


Ripples of Contentment
At The Lake Collection

Doe, A Deer

Spring is the season of rebirth and what better way to celebrate than with adorable photos of baby animals! These images from our All Creatures Collection would make a great addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom.


Tail Shade
All Creatures Collection


So New
All Creatures Collection


Mom in Miniature
All Creatures Collection

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