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The Power Of Natural Light

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Soak Up The Sun

With summer just around the corner the sun is hanging around later and later into the evening. When planning and laying out your design, take full advantage of that beautiful natural light!

You may not be aware of it in the moment but the amount of light in any space can subconsciously influence the way you interpret your surroundings, which in turn influences your physical and emotional responses. Ensure your clients always feel cheerful and relaxed by incorporating as much natural light as possible. It can breathe life into any room and really open up your client’s interior, making even a small room feel large.

General Tips For Embracing The Power of Natural Light

To better take advantage of natural sunlight, there are some steps you can take to really help that light shine:

Choose A Lighter Wall Color

Having brighter colored walls will help reflect the light in the room and make it feel bigger. White, lavender, and soft grey are all great options for a subtle tone, or try yellow or powdered blue for a bright pop!

Use Reflective Surfaces

The addition of mirrors or hardwood flooring can also increase the spread of light throughout the room. Carpet and dark rugs can soak up those light rays and stop them on the spot, preventing light from traveling further into the room. Use coffee tables with a reflective top, a mirror, or gilded decor to bounce light around the room.

Try Thinner Blinds

Or none! The first line of defense in stopping light from entering your client’s interior are dark curtains or drapes. Replacing these with sheer drapes or blinds can help that light flood in. Another option is to remove them completely, depending on your client’s window situation and where they live. (Clients with windows facing a street or their next-door neighbor’s house may prefer blinds for increased privacy.)

Opt For A Modern Decor Style

A good way to avoid blocking incoming light is to minimize the amount of objects in its path. Applying a modern or minimalist interior design scheme to the room will not only help the room feel bigger, but also breath more and fill with light.

Artwork For Any Interior

Natural daylight and the warm sun can bring a very calming and welcoming mood to any space. Keeping the furniture and decor simple can help brighten and open the room while allowing accent pieces to give the room an identity. No matter what decor style you choose, you can easily apply these tips and tricks to help maximize that incoming light.

And when it comes to selecting artwork, look for pieces that focus on bright, airy spaces, like those in our Land & Sea Scapes Collection!

Brighten Up Your Interior With WallsBeautiful

At WallsBeautiful we make it easy to find high-quality artwork to brighten up your client’s interior.  Interested in learning more? Contact our in-house Art Advisor for individualized help on selection and planning by emailing